Chantell's Trip Home Fund

Chantell's Trip Home Fund
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raised out of £1,500.00 goal
ends 21 Jun 2019

  • created by
    Chantell Bowa

Chantell's Trip Home Fund

This is Chantell's trip home fund.

Chantell hasn't been home to Zimbabwe for almost 10 years! Chantell is a strong, independent, inspirational lady and wonderful friend, a hard worker but she is also someone who misses home, misses her family and so badly wants to go home on this trip to celebrate a sister's birthday and other really special occasions in July.

Chantell hates asking for favours or help that is why I have set this up for her.

In the hope that we can help her raise the money to have this trip that is going to be so important to her.

  • Alexandra

    Alexandra Redfern posted a comment   08 Jun 2019

    BE WARNED i have just tried to withdraw funds for my own fundraiser on here and the money isn’t coming through. I have now done research and seen hundreds of reviews saying people never get the funds
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  • Chantell

    Chantell Bowa made a contribution   05 Apr 2019

    Chantell has made a contribution
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