Gil's 40th Birthday - Personal Upgrade

Gil Petersil
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ends 30 Apr 2019

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    Gil Petersil


Thanks for considering to support Gil's journey of growth. This page has been created by Gil's family and team to make it easy on some of you........:)

Of course this has been a never ending journey for Gil in the last few years and now it feels like he's looking to change gears. Not necessarily to a faster gear, but a deeper one.
One that's more mature, awakened and grateful to the world - This is what he's saying these days.

Funds will be going towards;
A new life coach for Gil (every coach needs a coach)
A fitness trainer (Staying in shape is a must as a speaker)
Men's retreat (Something every man needs)
A personal branding boost (A Vision for the next 10 years)

AND MORE...... Your ideas are VERY welcome in the comments below - What do you think Gil should upgrade in his life?

Thanks for making this a reality!

  • Shae

    Shae Friesen posted a comment   21 Jun 2019
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  • Alexandra

    Alexandra Redfern posted a comment   08 Jun 2019

    BE WARNED i have just tried to withdraw funds for my own fundraiser on here and the money isn’t coming through. I have now done research and seen hundreds of reviews saying people never get the funds
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    Shae Friesen replied to a comment   21 Jun 2019
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  • Andrey

    Andrey Potapov made a contribution   06 Apr 2019

    Be happy! You love people, you love live, love yourself! Ko Phangan waits for you :) Congratulations from Andrey Potapov
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  • Alexander

    Alexander Brailovskiy made a contribution   06 Apr 2019

    С любовью от Браиловских и Пак
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