Mel + Mari's combined 30th birthday fundraiser

Bugs For Life Benin Project
Melissa + Mariangela
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ends 31 Aug 2018

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    Mari Vero

Bugs For Life Benin Project

Hello all!!

So, it's happening! looks like we are reaching the big 30. Exciting times!

In the lead up to our mega birthdays, we've had discussions about life, various bits of none-sense, but also about what's important to us. And one of the things that stood out is to be able to carry out the next phase of of Bugs for Life project in Benin. And so that's what we'd like to ask for out 30th birthday: a contribution to make this happen.

For anybody that doesn't know Bugs for Life.... well, it's our super edible insects project that we've been working on as volunteers for a few years now. It started as a research into traditional insect eating in North Benin, where we found out about the amazing variety of insects eaten by the Wama community. But when we were there, the community also asked us to help revive this tradition in decline, as they felt that finding a way more efficient way to complement manual insect collection would help their community to make the most out of this highly nutritious food-type, in an area that is struck by famine an malnutrition.

So, along with an education programme with the school and nutritional centre, we carried out a feasibility study to see what insects they would have wanted to rear, how it would be managed, etc. We are now ready to start the first pilot farms! We are currently applying to grants, but we could all use a little help from our friends, and instead of presents, we'd really be ridiculously happy if your birthday gift vibes and money were directed to Bugs for Life!

Thanks all, bugs and kisses

The insect eating ladies,
Melissa and Mariangela xx

To find out more about Bugs for Life, check out our recap video:

  • Louise

    Louise Whitting made a contribution   18 Jul 2018

    Hi, sorry this is late! Happy 30th Mariangela and best of luck with the new Bugs for Life project. I won't be able to make it down to Leicester for the party I'm afraid, but I'm sure it will be a blast and see you soon hopefully. Love, Louise xx
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  • Liza

    Liza Ermolenko made a contribution   15 Jul 2018

    Happy belated birthday, my dear!
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  • Francesco

    Francesco Brotto made a contribution   06 Jul 2018

    Auguri Mariangela! Che il progetto abbia successo!
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    ADRIAN CONDIE made a contribution   05 Jul 2018

    Happy birthday Mariangela! Very glad see you're working on bugs for life!
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  • Giovanna

    Giovanna Brotto made a contribution   05 Jul 2018

    Buon compleanno Mariangela! che ti aspettimo anni sereni. zia G
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  • Caro

    Caro Svensson made a contribution   05 Jul 2018

    Could not have any more inspirational and kind souls by my side. Love you both to the moon and back! Xxx
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  • isabella

    isabella zisa made a contribution   04 Jul 2018

    happy birthday, cousin!!
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  • Naf

    Naf Castanas made a contribution   04 Jul 2018

    Happiest of birthdays my lovely! I really hope to catch you soon ❤❤❤
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  • Claire

    Claire Tunnacliffe made a contribution   04 Jul 2018

    My darling Mari, one of the highlights of my 20s was meeting & becoming your friend. You are a force of nature, and someone that inspires and supports me daily. I love you so much, and I can't wait to be your buddy for many more years to come. Je t'aime xx
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  • Yelena

    Yelena Wainman made a contribution   03 Jul 2018

    Great work, keep it up :D!
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  • Kishan

    Kishan Anand made a contribution   02 Jul 2018

    All the very best of luck And bon anniversaire x
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  • Margaux

    Margaux Caldi made a contribution   02 Jul 2018

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  • Alan

    Alan Desmond made a contribution   29 Jun 2018

    Great idea, great cause. Go n-eiri libh. And happy birthday!
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  • Natalie

    Natalie Kruczenyk made a contribution   28 Jun 2018

    Many happy returns lovely ladies! Welcome to your 30s 😊 Love Nat, James and Basil xx
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  • Lucy

    Lucy Bodicoat made a contribution   28 Jun 2018

    Happy Birthday to two lovely ladies, may your thirties be as exciting and fulfilling as your twenties. Good luck raising money for this exciting project - Lucy (Lindy)
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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous made a contribution   28 Jun 2018

    Anonymous has made a contribution
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