Help give Ruud the best trip ever!

Adventures in Brazil!
Ruud Hermans
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ends 26 Sep 2017

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    Layla Stavroff

Adventures in Brazil!

Hey everyone,
I decided I want to help raise some extra money to help my friend Ruud to have a wonderful stress-free trip to Brazil with his amazing girlfriend Marina! They are both such beautiful people and I really want Ruud to be able to enjoy his trip and not worry about every penny. Ruud has always been there to help when I needed him, and I think he is like this for all of his friends, so let's send some love his way. Either Ruud needs to pay rent for his apartment in Amsterdam while he is away or find someone to rent his place for a month, and so far it's not easy to find someone and time is ticking! But either way, whether he finds someone to rent the place or not, I would like to donate a little to his trip and hope everyone else will think to give a little too. I hope we go past the target amount, but if not, then at least there will be enough for the rent, or for some extra fun on his adventure!! Thank you to everyone who contributes a little, because every bit counts and is our way of saying "thank you for everything" and "we love you", to our dear friend Ruud!

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  • Layla

    Layla Stavroff made a contribution   13 Sep 2017

    All the best!!
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