Leaving gifts


Have you ever been put in charge of arranging a leaving gift for a work colleague? If you have then you know how much work it can be to make sure everyone knows about the collection, keeping on top of who has donated and keeping the money safe all whilst keeping it a secret.

Shareagift provides you with an easy to use platform to collect money online, eliminating the stress and hassle from raising the money and giving you more time to focus on choosing the right gift.

Simply create a page, share the url with your colleagues via email or Facebook and raise cash for that extra special group gift that says thanks for all your hard work, we are all really going to miss you!



Is a colleague at work retiring, or maybe a family member is taking retirement after many long years of service. With Shareagift you can save with colleagues, friends, or family towards an amazing retirement gift or collect funds online to throw a big bash in their honour.

People have used Shareagift to raise cash for all sorts of retirement gifts from golfing experiences to sunny breaks and even a new shed for the garden. Or perhaps (one of our favourites) the balcony bbq would be more their style! With Shareagift the possibilities are endless!

Work events


Organising a night out with work can be extremely difficult, especially when trying to keep on top of who is coming, raising the cash to put down a deposit on an area or table or having to collect money in advance from colleagues for meals.

With Shareagift you can create a page, send out invites via email or Facebook, and keep on top of who is coming and who has paid what, it’s one of the easiest ways to collect money online.

Business ideas


Do you have a business idea that you want to get off the ground but don't have the money to fund it? Or perhaps you have already set up your own company but need to raise money for some more office space or equipment.

With Shareagift you can let people know exactly what it is you need to raise money for, set a target amount and invite people to help you reach your goal by collecting money online.

New job


Starting a new job can often be tough. Ensuring that you have everything you need before you start is essential. With Shareagift you can raise cash for those art supplies, that new bag or the new phone that you are going to need to make your job that little bit easier.

Or perhaps a friend has just been offered a new job or a promotion and you want to say congratulations with their friends and family by group gifting them something special. Shareagift can help you raise and collect money from friends for anything and everything from a congratulations gift to funding a new business idea.