Group holiday


Are you in charge of planning this years holiday? Whether you are off to bask in the sun or take on this years ski pistes, Shareagift can help you keep on top of your holiday funds.

Simply create a page set a target and invite friends and family. Shareagift allows friends and family to comment on the page to say who is coming and it also allows you to see who has paid.

Once you have collected money from everyone you can withdraw the funds in one go through your PayPal account ensuring your funds are kept safe, secure and organised, giving you less time to worry about the money and more time making sure your holiday is one to remember.

Gifting holidays


Do you have a friend who has always wanted to visit somewhere in the world? Or perhaps someone’s birthday is coming up and you think they deserve a break.

With Shareagift you can set up a page and collect money online with friends and family towards plane tickets, spending money or hotel fees for a birthday, retirement or wedding anniversary gift. Or even just as a surprise for someone you know that deserves a break.

Visiting friends or relatives


Many families and friends are now spread across the globe and it can be difficult to see each other on a regular basis, especially if you live in different countries.

One of the barriers that gets in the way of people seeing one another is the cost of travel. Lots of people have used Shareagift to fund plane, train and boat tickets for friends and family members so that they can be reunited with their loved ones.

Simply create a Shareagift page and get collecting money online to give someone the opportunity to be reunited with their friends and family.