Teacher's gifts


It can be tricky to chose a gift for your teacher, especially if you don’t want to get the same old flowers or box of chocolates for them.

With Shareagift you can create a gift page and send the link around to your classmates and they can post gifting ideas and contribute money towards a shared pot for your teacher. Save together for a truly amazing gift to show how much you have appreciated your teachers knowledge, help and guidance over the year.

Graduation gifts


Graduating is a celebration of years of studying and hard work finally paying off! With Shareagift you can collect money online with friends and family for an amazing group gift.

Collectively you can raise money for a gift that will help them either with their further studies or down the career path they chose to take. We have seen users collect money for many different graduation gifts including laptops, tablets, cameras, easels and new suits.

Funding your studies


Are you putting off going into higher education because of the fees? Or perhaps you are worried about studying when there are others relying on you for financial support.

Whatever your situation, Shareagift provides a platform to help you raise the funds for tuition fees, living arrangements or financial support during your studies. Just create a Shareagift page and invite friends and family to help you further your studies to get that dream job.

School supplies


Do you work in a school that is in desperate need of funding? Or perhaps you are a parent who has been waiting for your child’s school to build that new arts department they have been promising will be opening soon.

Parents and teachers across the world are using sites like Shareagift to help fund new classrooms, school projects and after school clubs that they cannot get funding for elsewhere.

Simply create a page, set a target and invite parents, teachers and all those involved to your page to help fund your project.