Charitable Causes

Funding operations


Do you know someone who desperately needs to pay for an operation that could change their life for the better? Or perhaps you are in severe need of an operation but do not have the money to pay for it.

Shareagift brings friends and family together to help collect money online for operations and medical treatments that individuals wouldn’t necessarily be able to afford on their own. Asking for money or offering someone money directly can often be awkward. Shareagift takes that away and provides you with a platform to create a page and invite others to contribute towards your target amount.

Funding activities


Raising money is difficult enough, without having to keep track of who and when people have paid, keeping the money safe and secure and ensuring that you raise enough to reach you target.

Shareagift provides fundraisers with a platform where they can create a page around their event, set a target, share the page with friends and family via email and social media and collect money online. They can then withdraw the cash all in one go, taking out the hassle and stress of keeping on top of your funds, giving you more time to get the word out there and enjoy your fundraising activity.



When a loved one passes away it can be an extremely emotional and difficult time. Many people find it hard to approach the subject of arranging the funeral and it has become in many societies a taboo subject that people try to avoid talking about as they believe it can cause more upset and heart ache.

Unfortunately when someone passes away there is a lot to sort out, this can be especially difficult if their is a limited budget. Shareagift provides people with a platform to make others aware of what they are collecting money for..

Finding a cure


Shareagift has been used for many things over the years and one notable way many people have used us for is raising money to help fund awareness for diseases and illnesses. Without the proper funding it is impossible to find a cure.

Shareagift provides people with a platform to make others aware of what they are collecting money for. It allows users to set a target amount and share their cause with friends, family and the wider community via email, social media and via their own page’s URL.

World aid


Have you recently visited a country that is in dire need of help? Or perhaps there is a project that you are especially passionate about and wish you could do more to help them.

With Shareagift you can create a campaign around your project, say what you are specifically saving up for and set a target amount to reach. You can then share the page with friends, family and others who are passionate about your cause and collect money online.

With the ability to raise cash in GBP, USD and EURO’s, and with more currencies on the way, Shareagift gives you the means to collect money online for anyone and anything no matter where they are in the world.

Financial help


Going through a life threatening illness like cancer is extremely difficult and often involves patients having to change their whole lives and daily routines. If can often lead to people having to take leave or quitting their jobs because they are unable to work due to treatment times and side effects. This can often put a financial strain on individuals and families.

Many people have used Shareagift to come together and collect funds online to help friends and family members through difficult times. This helps to lift the burden and worry of finding money for things like bills and food and gives them time to fully focus on recovering.