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Are you an artist or are you in a band and long to go on tour to visit your fans and play your sound to more people? Perhaps you need money for a tour bus or plain tickets. Or maybe you are in a fan group who longs to see your favorite artist come and play in your country or city?

Shareagift is a fund collection website that gives music lovers a platform to raise funds for bands to go on tour, for fans to bring artists to their hometown, and has even helped fund new instruments and recording equipment.

Just head over to Shareagift, create a page, invite fellow fans and get funding!



Are you a budding artist in dire need of some new supplies? Perhaps you need funding for new studio space, or for a platform to showcase your latest work.

We know how hard it can be to follow your passion, many artists have used Shareagift to collect money from friends, family, and fans to help fund their latest projects, when other sources like government or local council funding has let them down.

Simply create a campaign and share it with your community via email, social media or offline by giving people your unique donation page URL.

Independent films


Breaking into the film industry and be extremely tough. Especially when you have an amazing script but can’t seem to get the funding from anywhere. Or perhaps you have finished your film and have no money left to promote it.

Shareagift gives independent filmmakers a platform to collect money from friends, family and fans to fund their latest project. We have had a number of filmmakers ask for donations from fans in exchange for a copy of the film as soon as it is released on DVD or tickets to a premier screening.

Shareagift puts filmmakers in touch with fans and gives them the opportunity to collect money online and see their ideas come to life on the big screen.