Invite people and Promote

To make your campaign successful you have to spread the word.

Take advantage of the available tools at your disposal that help you to promote and invite people to your campaign.

You can also benefit from external means to achieve good results.

- How to Invite People
- How to Promote your page

Step by step instructions



Make use of the integrated tool to invite people you know to collaborate in your campaign.

You can send out email invitations or private messages to Facebook friends.


Send emails

Manually add emails to your invitations list and then press the button 'Send invites'.

You can check on the left side the invitations statistics.

Double check all typed addresses so you don't miss anyone.

You can edit any contact and re-type the name or email address.


Import Contacts

Import contacts from Gmail using the 'g' button or from other sources using the 'more' button.

Select the contacts from the chosen address book and import.

Check your list and press the 'Send invites' button.


Facebook messages

You can send up to 10 Facebook private messages at once.

Press the 'f' button and login to facebook, fill in your friend names, type a message and then send.

You won't see anyone on the list until they sign up or make a contribution.

How to Promote your page


Social Networks

Share your campaign on social networks.
Use the email button to share the campaign page address.
Copy the campaign page address and share it wherever you want.


Embedable plugin

The website plugin is a piece of code that you can easily generate from your campaign page and use it to drive more users. You can choose from the three available styles.

Generate the code and embed it on your website or blog

To learn more visit the plugin page

public page

Public page

Navigate to your campaign page and edit settings using the 'gears' tool button and then switch the 'Private page' to off so anyone can contribute to it.

Public pages will be listed publicly on our website and we'll help promote them whenver we can.

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