How to Manage funds

You can monitor contributions received and their status.

Quickly check the raised amount so far and what funds you have available to collect.

When your campaign succeeds you can do a Funds collection request or in the other hand choose to refund everyone's transactions.

Step by step instructions



You have to sign in to your account by clicking 'Login' on the top right menu.

Fill in you email and password and then click the 'Sign in' button.

visit page

Navigate to the page

From the the dashboard you can select the page from your 'Recent Fundraisers' list and click the 'Funds' button.

On the right menu you can select 'Fundraising pages' to get the full list of campaigns you've created and then select the on you want to check the funds.


View funds

From you campaign page click the 'Funds' button.

The funds page will be displayed so you can monitor your campaign performance and execute transfer operations.


Creators pledge

Your virtual contributions will be displayed on this list.

Check more details about creators contributions on the Raise cash page.


Invitees contributions

Here you can check all the received contributions paid in, the amounts paid out and refunds.

On pending transactions will be displayed a clock icon, meaning that someone paid with an eCheck or the transacion is being held by PayPal for further validation and usually cleared between 5 to 7 days.


Fundraiser Balance

Check your campaign balance, know how much you have received in total and what are the collectable funds.

collect request

Funds requests and Refunds

When you campaign succeeds you can do a 'Collect Funds' request. All your transactions will be verify and then transfered to your PayPal account.
You can also 'Refund' all received contributions if you choose so.