How to Edit a fundraising page

In this video you'll learn how to edit a campaign's page and customise it.

You can edit any details including the deadline date or target amount.

Uploading great pictures will make your fundraiser more appealing to your invitees and visitors.

Step by step instructions



You have to sign in to your account by clicking 'Login' on the top right menu.

Fill in you email and password and then click the 'Sign in' button.

fundraising pages

Navigate to the campaign page

From the the dashboard you can select the page from your 'Recent Fundraisers' list and click the 'Visit' button.

On the right menu you can select 'Fundraising pages ' to get the full list of campaigns you 've created and then select the on you want to change.

edit campaign

Edit the campaign page

You'll find the page tools on the right side below the Contribute button.

Click the pencil icon to proceed to edit mode.

campaign details

Edit the campaign page

Here you can change any details you need like the campaign title or description.

You can modify the deadline to a future date or adjust your target amount.

The Currency option will be disabled if you have already received contributions.

edit gift

Recipient and Gift pictures

You can change the recipient's or gift's name.

Upload new pictures, because a reconizable face and a fantastic gift will likely get more contributions.

Optionally specify link from where you're buying the gift.

page settings

Page Settings

In case you wish to change the page settings or notifications go back to your page.

On the page tools click the 'Gears' icon to edit the page settings.

campaign options

Edit Page Settings

Here you can:
- Change the campaign privacy settings;
- The fundraising page behaviour;
- Choose your email notification options;
- Enable Gift Aid donations;
- Choose a background color and/or picture.