How to Create a Fundraiser

Here you can learn how to sign up for an account and create a fundraising page.

You'll find information on how to customise your campaign.

There also information on how to set a PayPal account to receive the raised funds and validate it properly.

Step by step instructions

start campaign

Start a campaign

You can start your page by clicking 'Start campaign' button or using the dashboard from the top right menu.

The 'Fundraising pages' menu option enables you to manage your campaign pages.

campaign details

Describe what you're fundraising for

Provide an engaging title and describe what you are collecting money for to encourage people to join in.

Set a deadline date. No worries you can extend it later and bear in mind that you'll have to collect your funds every 90 days.

Choose a realistic target amount, just digits no commas or dots, and a currency (USD, GBP, EUR).

You can opt for a 5x7" folded Greeting card. Learn more.

Recipient and Gift

Recipient and Gift

Specify who's the recipient and what's the great gift they're getting.

Provide good pictures, because a reconizable face and a fantastic gift will likely get more contributions.

If you're buying the gift from an online store add the web address.


Options and Settings

The page options enables you to control the behaviour of the page and the email notificaitons you'll get.

If you switch off 'Private page' your page will become public so anyone can contribute to. This is useful to promote a charitable cause, community project or small project.

The 'Fundraising' options allows to enable contributions or set an ongoing campaign.

gift aind

Options: Gift Aid

You can set you fundraiser page to accept Gift Aid donations.

Switch On the Gift Aid option and choose the Organisation type.


Options: Customisation

Make it your own.

Set a custom background color and/or picture.


PayPal account

Connect the account where you'll receive the campaign funds. You can't start receiving funds wtihout validating your account.

It's important that your First and Last names match with what's set on your PayPal account. Login to PayPal and check your details.

Fill in your details and press the Validate account button and you should get a success message.

If the validation fails it means that something in your account needs to be verified (email, address, card, bank account, password) so visit paypal and our video on how to Validate a PayPal account on Shareagift

PayPal verification may take a few hours, so save your account details and come back later and try validating again.


Page tools

Use the page tools to manage your campaign (from left to right, then down):

a) Edit page details
b) Edit PayPal account
c) Invite people
d) Manage campaign funds
e) Change page Settings and Notifications
f) Add a Greeting card to the page's cart