How to Contribute

Chip in to a fundraiser by making payments either with Debit/Credit card or PayPal balance.

Contributions will be made on the same currency set for each campaign page.

Creators or page owners are only allowed to make a virtual contribution or pledge.

Step by step instructions


Start your contribution

You'll find the Contribute button o the right side of the campaign page.

Click the button to start making your contribution.

Payments are secured by PayPal and you can choose to use PayPal's balance or your Debit/Credit card.

We won't store any sensitive banking information.


Amount and Message

Enter the amount you want to contribute and leave a beautiful message for the recicient.

Messages can be used to create a greeting card.

Use only digits for the amount, no currency, comma or dot.

user details

Your details

You can do a quick contribution without even signing up.
Fill in your details and proceed.

Later you can do a password request.

account login

Account login

If you already have an account, fill in you email and password and proceed.

You can use the top right corner to Sign up for an account.

account login

Sign up for an account

In case you want to sign up for an account you can use the top right corner to Sign up for an account.

With an account you'll be able to comment, insert your picture and manage your own campaigns.

After signing up and email validating your account you can go back to the campaign page and make your contribution.


Confirm your contribution

You can confirm your contribution and message before making the payment.

Make sure you have a strong mobile network signal or you are not using and office firewall protected network.

In case you experience any problems proceeding to PayPal try from a computer or a different internet connection.


Messages and Comments

The greeting message will be posted on the page and can also be used to create a group Greeting Card.

Make sure you write a good message and upload your picture.


Creator's pledge

The campaign owner is only allowed to make a virtual contribution or pledge.

PayPal does not allow to make a contribution to your own account. It would be making a payment to yourself.

The pledge allows creators to hint others how much they're willing to contribute.

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