Create a Greeting Card

Up to as many as 24 comments made by contributors to a Shareagift page can be selected and then printed onto a 5x7 inch folded greeting card.

The cover photo is customizable and the page website link is printed on the back for the recipient’s reference.

Cards can be delivered to your loved ones anywhere in the world!

Step by step instructions

Add a greeting card to your page

add to page

a) Right from the start

When you create your campaign you are given the choice to add a greeting card to your campaign.
However you should wait until the end of your campaign to customize it by using the 'Greeting card' icon.

Once selected, you can also easily delete it at any time from the your shopping cart.

add to page

b) Whenever you feel like it

If your campaign is already running you can add a collaborative card using the tools and then 'Add to page'. You'll be reminded on later stages that you chose a card and to customise it.
All participants are allowed to purchase a card.

Customise the card and Send to print


1. Get started

Press the highlighted greeting card tool to get started with your card customisation.
Make sure everyone has chipped in and you have a high quality image for the cover.

You'll be reminded on Funds collection request!


2. Personalise

Select up to 24 of your friends comments and contribution messages.

In case you want, upload an high resolution picture for the cover with 3825x5625 pixels at 100DPI or 1275x1875 pixels at 300DPI.

Low quality and small sized pictures will be rejected!


3. Fill the addresses

Type your address and the delivery address and make sure both are correct.

The phone number can be useful for delivery service messaging.


4. Confirm your order and Checkout

Check if the selected messages and addresses are correct.

Press the green 'Buy now' button and your order will be posted. You'll be redirected to PayPal to make the payment.

From this point you can no longer make further changes and the card we'll be printed and delivered as is.