Save With Colleagues Towards the Perfect Leaving Gift

Everyday people use Shareagift to send their friends and colleagues off in style, by collecting money online for amazing group leaving and retirement gifts.

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What is Shareagift?

A fundraising service that helps you to raise cash online with friends.

Email invites and reminders are sent to keep everyone connected

Donations are safely handled and secured by a trusted provider

Hassle free
Keep track on your goal and who has paid and collect when you're ready

Hosted on Amazon Web Services and transactions are processed on PayPal

What users are saying


"I wanted to organise a leaving gift for my colleague Kat, I was faced with the challenge of collecting money from colleagues who live across the world. The collection scheme service that Shareagift provides was brilliant, fast and convenient for everyone." - Oliver


"I like that you can customize your page and add pictures, but most importantly, I love that everyone can see the running total, that way the collection process is transparent." - Rebecca


"We collected over $1,000 in the office for a new camera for my colleague, Nick. Organizing a group bought gift for someone can be a major hassle but Shareagift made it easy to do and I won’t organize another office group gift again without Shareagift!" - Jess

How it works?

Create your page and easily collect the money online.

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Manage your funds and then buy a great gift or fund a cause or project

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