Wondering how to save for a wedding? Collect money from friends to help with the wedding fund. From planning a bachelorette party to that honeymoon registry, we have you sorted every step of the way

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Raise money for a great night out

Shareagift can help you throw the perfect bachelorette and bachelor party. Get your friends to donate towards a group fund to afford the ultimate celebration!

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Collect money for the perfect honeymoon

Plan the perfect getaway, create a Shareagift page and ask your guests to donate towards the honeymoon registry so you can splash out that little bit more.

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Fund the perfect wedding gift list

Create a Shareagift page and ask your guests to fund group gifts that you really want and avoid all those unwanted wedding gifts!

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Fund your Wedding in 3 Easy Steps

Shareagift provides an easy, safe and hassle free way to collect
money online towards the ultimate wedding.


Kick off your campaign and easily collect money online.


Collect money online from friends by inviting them or sharing your page on social media.


Raise your target amount and easily collect your funds.

What is Shareagift?

A fundraising service that helps you to raise cash for causes, events or buy great gifts with friends. Invite your friends to a Shareagift Page and start saving for a wedding today!