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A fundraising platform bringing together consumers and businesses.

What is Shareagift?

Is a group funding platform that enables groups of friends to collect cash and buy a gift with their combined funds, fundraise for a cause or a business idea.

How can Shareagift assist my business?

Increase sales

Consumers can make purchases they might not otherwise have been able to afford, opening up a new market of customers for your business and increasing sales.

Generate new leads

Get 15 new potential customers for your business for every 1 sale since campaign pages are shared between an average of 16 friends. Charitable cause pages can bring hundreds of donors.

Increase Social Media Exposure

Pages created for your product are shared between friends online and on social media creating additional exposure for your brand with peer-to-peer endorsement.

increase sales

How can my business use Shareagift?

Group Gift website plug-in

Consumers can start a group gift to buy products directly from your website. When they collect the cash they're sent back to make the purchase.

Gift Shop

Reach a brand new target market by selling your products on the Shareagift Store. The curated catalogue provides a source of gift ideas and is optimized to drive traffic from search engine searches.

Branded or White label fundraiser

Businesses can leverage a well-established group funding platform to assist communities funding their projects, funding medical treatments and research, or to help modest families to buy basic goods.

website plugin

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